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Flatbed Towing

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence on our roads, and sometimes they are severe enough to require towing of one or more of the vehicles involved. If you’ve been in an accident and need help moving your car off the road, Her Express 2 Towing can help. Flatbed towing is a more secure method of towing that can remove a totaled vehicle from the road. The back of the tow truck is fitted with a bed, and your car will be secure during transportation to the nearest repair shop. The bed is also hydraulically inclined and moved to the ground to place your vehicle securely using a winch. Our flatbeds can carry oversized vehicles or multiple cars at once, a smart option for a severe accident or one involving several vehicles. If you get into a crash of any kind, call us for accident recovery. We are experienced and equipped to handle any circumstances, and we’ll help you through your stressful situation and get you back on the road in no time. Our emergency towing services will be there right away to assist in even the most urgent cases. You can feel confident that your vehicle is in safe hands with us. Contact us for reliable accident towing in the Philadelphia, PA area today.